“Dog & Fish” is based on the foundation of an amazing team without whom this wonderful festival would not have come to life (again). Here are the creative minds behind “Dog & Fish”…

Janine Vasiri

For me, Dog & Fish is the wonderful opportunity to see, experience, get inspired by, and be filled with joy by the world wide range of different improv formats.

I was bitten by the improv-bug about 10 years ago and instantly fell in love with this form of theatre. Why? Because you never know what will happen on stage and that is wonderful to me. To be constantly surprised by your fellow players, to surprise them in return, to try and build great stories out of these surprises or fail together gloriously – that is pure fun for me, over and over again.

Janine is part of allerDings & the Peace Babies

Andreas Wagner

For me, Dog & Fish is a chance to showcase what impro theatre can be and do, and to get people involved in this beautifully diverse art form.

My love affair with improv started 15 years ago, when I  was introduced to the beauty of failing at a school workshop for theatre sports. I have since had the opportunity to not know much on stage as an actor in various improv groups, delving into many different styles from comedy shorts to evening-length long-form series. Additionally, I have been lucky enough to spark other’s improv fires as a workshp facilitator, teaching imrovisers at all levels and creating several new formats along the way.

Andreas is part of the Peace Babies

Katharina Flick

For me, Dog & Fish is 4 days full of great people who share the same passion, who will get to know each other and their different cultures, respectively and who will want to stay in touch afterwards.

Improv for me is trying to be awake with all my senses to be able to find and catch the stories that the audience and the moment throw at me and the people I’m on stage with. Improv means believing in the team and in myself. Improv is not giving up until there is an ending in a story. That can be frustrating as hell but also the best thing that can ever happen. In general I can say that improv is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Katharina is part of allerDings & the Peace Babies

Stefan Gamper

For me, Dog & Fish is a perfect opportunity to see and work with a variety of amazing groups from all over the world and offer them a stage in Graz.

I learned about improv about 7 years ago through a former flatmate of mine. Ever since, improv has gifted me unforgettable moments and I learned a lot about myself through it. To be able to create stories, emotions or even songs almost instantaniously is priceless. Even though the audience can sometimes be tough on you every performance every night is amazing in its own unique way. It is always a pleasure to see, meet and get to work with other artists; to get an insight into their creative processes and to learn about their approach to improv. All in all, it is about meeting great people, getting on stage together, learning from each other, and just having the best time we can!

Stefan is part of the improv group WiR & the Peace Babies

Dominik Jöbstl

For me, Dog & Fish is an amazing opportunity to connect with people from all over the world and to create something new.

I started with improv in 2011 and discovered my love for creating fascinating stories together with interesting people. As an abundant source of inspiration, improv is still fascinating for me after so many years because every performance remains unique, always teaching you new things. Improv to me is a live project, it makes me happy and I don’t want to miss it in my life. I can’t wait for Dog & Fish 2019.

Dominik is part of allerDings

Carina Steger

For me, Dog & Fish is an amazing chance to introduce people to the fascinating world of improv and to show how diverse and interesting this form of theatre is.

Improv has been a vital part of my life for 8 years. I not only love being able to create stories, characters, and emotions right in the moment but also the thrill that you get from being on stage without a safety net. The feeling you have while doing a scene knowing that you can rely on your fellow acters is priceless. During my improv tenure I had the pleasure to meet many different improvisers from all around the world. And I still cherish the unique moments of connecting on and off stage. With Dog & Fish 2019 I am looking forward to multiply those memories.

Carina is part of allerDings & the Peace Babies

Florian Schmidl

For me, Dog & Fish is being a part of something great and special.

I really love playing improv, creating new characters and putting myself into new situations every time I go on stage with my fellow players. Also off-stage improv supports me in my daily life. What I really like about “Dog & Fish” is that I’ll get the chance to meet improv players from all over the world and that we will be able to learn from each other in order to expand our improv skills.

Florian is part of allerDings