players from Graz

Anna Bader

The special thing about improv for me is that I can “switch off” and dive into completely new worlds.

My improv-“career“ started about 12 years ago. At my school in Carinthia I was part of an improv-group. After a break from improv for a couple of years I rediscovered it when I moved to Graz and met one of my old colleagues from school. Since 2015 I’m part of the improv-group called “WiR”. I’m looking forward to the Dog&Fish-Festival because I’m really excited to play improv with groups from all over the world.

Anna is part of the improv group WiR

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Carola Gartlgruber

The special thing about improv for me is the thrill of the upcoming and unknown moment and to create everything out of nothing.

Carola and improv theatre is like (Vienna) sausage and mustard. Each one by itself is great but together it will blow your mind! High energy improv and a lot of characterplaying is in store for you when this lady hits the stage. For 20 years now she is performing, learning and teaching improv and is absolutely excited to be a part of this great festival.

Carola is part of BrunerGruberMair, The Essentials


Estha Sackl

The special thing about improv for me is that you  can always see the beauty in failing, which is a pretty good life lesson, too.

I started playing improv in 2015 where it was part of an intergenerational Project. What do you get if you take a bunch of people of very different ages (18-60), put them on stage and let them play together? The answer is: a wide range of possibilities, stories, impressions and a ton of appreciation. After that unique intergenerational project I was also part of my own improv group – “The original Bassena Rave – since 1962”

Estha is part of the Peace Babies

Martin Kroissenbrunner

The special thing about improv for me is that you can create stories out of thin air, building something together and aiming for magic on stage.

I have been doing improv since 1998 when we did theatre sports in school. Since then, I basically never stopped – I did some courses at University and entered a group, the first of many groups I was in. I am currently active in two improv troupes, BrunnerGruberMair, with two of my best friends, and The Essentials, where we improvise entire musicals. In addition, I’m in the theatre collective Peace Babies, where we mainly focus on long story forms and improvised series.

Martin is part of BrunnerGruberMair, The Essentials, (founder of) the Peace Babies

Mike Maier

The special thing about improv for me, is the honesty, which lies in exploring a scene that I’ve never been in before.

I stumbled into improvisational theatre when I was searching for things to do on a first date. Lo and behold, the open improv training was great and the date… well we did last a couple of weeks. Four years later, my relation with improv is still growing. I’m part of the Imrov group BassenaRave and rock the stage at every opportunity.

Mike is part of The Original Bassena Rave – since 1962

Patrik Stöcklmair

The special thing about improv for me is that you’re making it up as you go while pretending it is intentional. But at the end of the day you have to allow for randomness and accidents. Those are gifts.

You know the „box of chocolate“ quote from Forrest Gump, right? „You never know what you gonna get“. Well, improv for me is like making that box and not knowing it either. Most of the time you get a great flavor, filled with crunchy story, softly melting characters, and on some occasions, for whatever reason, just nuts. I like nuts.

Patrik is part of BrunnerGruberMair, The Essentials, the Peace Babies

Trixi Brunschko

The special thing about improv for me is that I get to live the life on stage I will never live in real life.

As a team Trixi and her partner Jacob Banigan are Kana Da the royal couple of improv theatre. Her name means “she, who makes you happy”. She fills the hearts of the audience with love and joy. She brings 23 years of improv experience to the stage, has told thousands of stories, and has even more to come. For many years she has been a valuable part of the international improv scene. With Theater im Bahnhof she not only has produced the first improv shows in Austria but also has established improvisation as a valued teaching subject at the University of Perfoming Arts in Graz.

Trixi is part of Theater im Bahnhof, The Essentials, Kana Da