international guests

Mona and Shara Do Improv – USA

Mona and Shara combine clowning, character, and storytelling to create an engaging style of improv. They have taught and performed in Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, and 21 cities around the United States and have been featured in a number of festivals including the Finland International Improv Festival, Ocean State Improv Festival (Rhode Island), SF Sketchfest, and the San Diego Improv Festival. When they aren’t traveling together, they live on opposite coasts, gracing a variety of improv classrooms and stages in Boston (Mona) and San Francisco (Shara). In the future, they hope to settle in the same place, but until that time, they eagerly look forward to the shows and workshops they get to do together.

with: Mona Thompson and Shara Tonn

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Poulpe Production – France

Created in 2017, the Poulpe Production company was born from a desire to explore all the multiple universes of the living spectacle. Poulpe Production is a young company but strongly aware of the current zeitgeist of our society. They are both poetic and mad, emotional and crazy, humorous and dynamic but always sincere.
Our Comedians are fully-fledged  artists. They train and teach improvisation internationally at festivals (Finland, Netherlands, UK, USA, Russia, Germany, etc.) or at meetings with other companies from all over the world.
Their events are intended to be diverse and of differnt contents. They are not only pure improvisation, but can also be highly informative. The shows come from the artists’ thriving imaginations, but the company also knows how to create the event tailored to you!
Show is our passion, let us surprise you!

with: Morgan Mansouri, Mirah Kosmala & Jacintha Damström

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Playing with the Enemy – Middle East

He is from an Arab country*. She’s from Israel. Their countries are enemies but luckily somehow they became friends. In this show, Zaki and Inbal share a unique improvisational experience with each other and with you. They combine their knowledge and cultures which are both similar and different, and they celebrate the possibility of performing together on neutral ground. The show will play with stigmas, political correctness, taboos and individualism and it will circle around and beyond those topics. But most importantly, Zaki and Inbal are going to do on stage what they are not allowed to do in real life – communicate, play, create.

*Zaki’s country cannot be disclosed due to security reasons.

with: Inbal Lori and Zaki Zikani

The Ferocious Four – Netherlands

The Ferocious Four – an improvised tale of action, power and heroines. A talented cast of performers will give you a bad-ass improv show, in which the story is told of a group of 4 heroines collaborating to battle evil. If you like cool characters and exciting action, you will love seeing these performers jump, move, chase, defuse, fight and basically… Kick ass.

“It was like watching a true action movie… only way funnier!”— Alexandre Gilbert

“These girls know how to tell an epic superhero story, all while keeping the audience in stitches.”— Davide Dispenza

“It’s exciting and funny. Thank you for making the world a safer place!”— Nardje Trepels

with: Laura Doorneweerd, Joana Nicolaas Ponder, Marith Venderbosch, Roos Slingerland

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